Pupil & Sport Premium

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 and is additional funding to the main school budget. It is allocated to schools to support work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals either currently or at any point in the previous six years (known as “Ever 6” pupils). Children in care and children of service families are included in this funding. Schools can decide how Pupil Premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their care. There is an accountability which requires schools to publish the amount of funding they receive each year, declare how they spend it and to show what the impact on raising standards has been.

Pupil Premium is a benefit available to school aged children from families who meet qualifying criteria and who have completed the relevant registration process.

Pupil Premium provides funding for two policies:

•Raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and closing the gap with their peers

•Supporting children and young people with parents in the regular armed forces.

Online application form for Pupil Premium (FSM)

Pupil Premium Information (Gov)