Pupil Roles Beyond Class

The development of the whole child both academically and emotionally is our priority.

We hope to provide children with positive, empowering experiences throughout their time at Crofton Hammond enabling a child’s wellbeing, learning and growth. A way in which we endeavour to do this is through participating in various roles of responsibility.

We hope various roles across the school provide a meaningful way in which pupils can voice opinions and have their views and experiences taken into account in decisions which impact upon them.

Roles within our school include:

  • A school council representative in each class – lead Mrs Main and Miss Gore (annually voted in)
  • A new arrival ambassador in each class – lead Mrs Newman (annually children apply for the post)
  • A Eco representative in each class – lead Mrs Main (annually voted in)
  • Health and Fitness ambassadors in each class (HAFAs) – lead Mrs Scarborough (annually voted for)
  • Active leader – lead Mr Elliott and Ms Poole (Year 5 2019/20 cohort trained by an outside agency – role applied and interview for)
  • Year 6 Reading ambassadors – lead Mrs Main and Mrs West
  • Year 6 Head boys and girls x 4 roles  (selected by staff each term)
  • Year 6 Peer mentors x 4 roles (selected by staff each term)
  • Year 6 lunchtime office team (role applied for in September)
  • Year 6 music monitors – lead Mrs Acketts
  • Year 6 colour group monitors

Additional roles of responsibilities include hall monitors, water bottle monitors, lunchtime shed roles and general classroom organisation roles.