Clever was an initiative that was first introduced in schools as an alternative to ‘Stranger Danger’. Miss Millington has worked with the creators to support the development of KS2 materials to include safeguarding on line.

Link to the Clever Home Page:

On the Clever homepage please read Ollie’s story who was a member of our school community a few years ago.

In our school Clever is so much more than just ‘stranger danger’, it is a tool that we use to keep ourselves safe, it is the feeling that you get when something isn’t quite right, it is seeking that clarification if children are not sure, it is that recognising that if situations make you feel uncomfortable you need to share.

Children are reminded to pause in situations and ask themselves ‘What would Clever do? What would Clever say?’

Clever ambassadors work alongside the Year 6 peer mentors with Mrs Doole and Miss Griffiths. Their role is to promote kindness in our school to give children a voice and actively promote anti-bullying awareness. The Clever ambassadors aim to ensure that pupils learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment.