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Real World Maths
Here are some practical ideas/questions to get involved with at home.

    • Money
      • Use £ and p and convert between the two.
      • How much does it cost?
      • Do I have enough money?
      • How much change would I get?
      • How long would it take to save up for it?
      • Ideas:
        • Pay for the shopping.
        • Add up the price of your cinema tickets.
        • Save up for a new book or game.
    • Measuring Length
      • Use a ruler, including m/cm/mm.
      • How long is it?
      • What is the difference between the two objects?
      • What would the length be if I had more than one object?
      • Ideas:
        • Make a cardboard construction.
        • Keep a record of your height.
        • Work out how many books could fit on your shelf?
    • Measuring Mass and Capacity
      • Use scales to measure mass (weight) and a measuring jug for capacity.
      • How much does it weigh?
      • How much does this container hold?
      • If the number is not shown, where is it on the scale?
      • How much would I need if I have to make it for more or less people?
      • Ideas:
        • Bake a cake.
        • Make a cocktail with a mix of soft drinks.
        • Weigh your packed bag before travelling.
    • Tell the time
      • Use an analogue clock, not just digital. Convert between the two.
      • Recognise o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to and 5 minute intervals.
      • What is the time?
      • How long did it take?
      • How much quicker was it?
      • Ideas:
        • Think about timings for dinner.
        • Time the journey in the car.
        • Have a race.
    • Know the days
      • Know the days of the week, months of the year and number of days in each.
      • How many days are in a year/leap year?
      • What day is it today?
      • How many days is it until Saturday?
      • What month are we in?
      • How many days until next month?
      • Ideas:
        • Have a calendar on the wall. Tick off the days.
        • Write a diary.
        • Look through the events magazine or television guide.

Useful Links

Apps 4 Primary School – selection of maths apps for tablet devices

Maths Zone – play interactive games/tools linked to domains (many require flash)

Top Marks – good range of interactive maths games

Daily 10 – times tables and other quick fire questions

BBC Bitesize KS2 Maths – watch videos linked to maths domains

Woodlands Maths – find activities linked to domains

Snappy Maths – choose worksheets and activities linked to maths domains

Maths Drills – select worksheets for practising maths skills

Maths Worksheets – generate customised worksheets for practising maths skills

Premium Resources

Maths Tutor – (highly recommended) provided by school – see dedicated page

Mathletics – (recommended) comprehensive and customisable online maths platform with activities and challenges linked to the National Curriculum (multi-platform, £39 p/a)

IXL – comprehensive maths resource for practising maths, linked to National Curriculum (multi-platform, £59 p/a)

Sumdog – maths activities and challenges linked to National Curriculum (multi-platform, free version or premium for £4 p/m)

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