Transition all years

We have a well-established programme to support transition to ensure children are well prepared and confident for their next phase of their learning journey.

Current Year 2 – starting September 2021
20th November 21- Please note due to the current pandemic and lockdown, we are not able to hold our Year 2 Open Day which was planned for Friday 27th November 2020.  We have completed a virtual ‘welcome tour’ and ‘site tour’, which will familiarise yourself with our school (below). Please also take a look at the values and ethos tab, the curriculum area on the website and year group areas to give you a feel of what we do. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting the school by email or phone and we will do our best to answer them promptly.

29th April 21 – Please see the welcome pack and letter if you have been offered a confirmed place. 

Thursday 17th June 21 – Head teacher message to parents on website to watch (bottom of this page)

Friday 18th June 21 – Transition book for children available (non-Hammond Infants children will be given this when Prospectus collected) 

Monday 21st June 21 – Prospectus can be collected from reception 

Monday 21st until Monday 28th JuneSmall group visits  (Emailed letter sent to non-Hammond parents)

Tuesday 6th July – Bump up morning (information to follow for non-Hammond Infant parents)

Infant to Junior Transfer (Year 3)
Applications open – 1 November 2020
Deadline for applications – 15 January 2021
Notification date for on-time applicants – 16 April 2021

Year 2 to Year 3 transition

  • Open day in Autumn term of Year 2 for parents and children
  • Deadline for KS2 applications in January
  • Confirmation of school place announced in April
  • Year 2 parents evening in June – an opportunity to meet some of the CHJS team and Year 3 teaching staff
  • Transition lunch and lunchtime for children in June – a chance for children to eat in the hall, find the toilets and play on the playground/field
  • Children will be allocated a buddy to support them during transition and provide a familiar face on the playground in September
  • Transition afternoons for children in June/July – an opportunity to explore the school site with their buddies
  • ‘Bump up morning’ where children meet their teacher and complete some activities in late June/July
  • Transition social story for children, given to them in June – an opportunity to explore routines and familiarise themselves with staff and the school
  • CHJS prospectus for parents given in June
  • We ask all parents to fill out forms (in prospectus documentation) prior to starting in September so we have up to date information prior to arrival
  • ‘Junior ready’ documents are available to support parents over the summer holidays
  • Parents are encouraged to join our Facebook group and look at the website to familiarise themselves with our school
  • KS1/KS2 Teacher liaison – June and July

Year 6 transition 

  • Open sessions and parents evenings in September and October – parents to look out for dates for Secondary Schools of interest
  • Deadline for Secondary applications in October
  • Confirmation of school place announced in March
  • Transition paperwork completed by CHJS in April/May – requested and varies between Secondary Schools
  • Year 6 staff and SMT meet with Secondary teams as requested in May/June- discussions about all children
  • Transition days in June/July – an opportunity for children to visit their new setting – organised and communicated to parents by the Secondary Schools
  • Transition parent meetings in June/July – an opportunity for parents to familiarise themselves with the school staff, policies and procedures- organised and communicated to parents by the Secondary school
  • Crofton School ‘No worries’ sessions for identified children in June/July – additional familiarisation sessions (Crofton pupils only)
  • SENCO liaison for children with an EHCP or identified as SEN support
  • Transition Agreements and meetings for identified children requiring additional support

See the below folder for information from secondary schools and visit

Transition through the year groups at CHJS 

  • ‘Bump up morning’ in June – children meet their new teacher
  • Children given a ‘meet the teacher’ sheet – reminder photos and information for all children about the next academic year
  • Summer holidays familiarity visit – for identified children
  • ‘Bump up’ meetings between CHJS teachers discussing individual children needs
  • Being a small school we are fortunate to hold termly ‘progress meetings’ as a teaching staff. This ensures that all teaching staff are familiar and have an understanding of individual needs and progress of all children.
  • If you have any concerns about transition, whether general or specific to your child, please speak to your child’s class teacher, Miss Millington or Miss Russell.

Transition in year

  • To support ‘in year’ starters each class has a ‘new arrival ambassador’ to help children settle in
  • We recommend a visit once a place has been offered for parents and children to meet staff, discuss routines and become familiar with the site

Transition documents

Below are the ‘junior ready’ documents, Year 3 transition book (social story) and school information leaflet.