Lunch & Breaktime

Lunch and break times

At CHJS we realise the importance of free play and socialising for our children. Our extensive outdoor areas have been designed so that children in all year groups can use different types of equipment to develop physical ability. We also have organised games, free play equipment and spaces where children can simply talk or play quietly.

We have developed the playground into areas in the hope we maximise engagements and have something for everyone. These areas include table tennis and football tables, sandpit area, mud kitchens, imaginary world hobbit house, games hobbit house, basketball hoops, gym area, adventure play, quiet garden area, Lego tub trays and small world tables.

Our aims at lunchtime are

  • For pupils to show respect to staff, equipment and each other
  • For pupils to play with kindness and consideration
  • For pupils to consistently demonstrate the school values

Lunchtime Award

The lunchtime award is awarded in praise assembly each week to the class who demonstrate the school values, exhibit good behaviours and show respect to the adults and equipment. The award is given by the dinner staff weekly and awards the class with 10 minutes extra break. This time is given by the class teacher at a convenient time over the course of the week.

Lunchtime Raffle Award

All our lunchtime supervises have raffle tickets to give out daily, which are given out to pupils to recognise and reward positive behaviours. While lunchtime supervisors are on duty they keep an eye out for pupils that have demonstrated the schools values they might be helping others, listening to adults first time, lining up well or generally being nice and well mannered. The raffle tickets are stored in a special box by the dinner board and drawn on the last day of each half term. Children who are picked will be able to pick a prize from the box. The remaining tickets will then all be delivered so children can take home and share with their grown-ups.

Healthy break time snack

When you are working hard lunchtime can seem an age away. We encourage children to bring a healthy snack at break time which is at 10.45am (fruit, vegetable or healthy cereal bar).