Keeping In Touch – Services

‘KIT kids’ is a lunchtime group which runs weekly at lunchtime (from 12.35-1.10pm) as a support for children who have parents in the Forces or whose parents work away e.g. on the oil rigs. The group is run by Mrs Nash who understands first-hand the impact this can have on the children having a husband in the Navy. The group plays games and complete activities together and has formed its own support network. If you feel your child would benefit from attending one of these sessions please talk to your child to encourage them to participate.

Visit the Naval Families Federation website here.

Our Families Engagement Officer is: Nicola Thompson

Finding Fin
Funded by the MODs Education Support Fund, Finding Fin is an original children’s story conceived as a way to explore issues of family separation and reunion. Produced in an audio-enabled printed format and as an e-book by Ranvilles Infant School, Fareham. Download the file below, or follow this link.