Club Information

At Crofton Hammond Junior School we understand the importance of afterschool clubs for both extending the experience and interests of the children. A wide variety of clubs and teams meet at lunchtime, before and after school. These vary across the year but may include netball, football, cricket, bookworms, Ukulele, sign club, choir, recorders, Robot club, astronomy and young carers. All of our clubs are run by either our Staff’s ”free time” or Volunteer’s, we do expect all children attending these clubs to be well behaved at all times or it can result in your son/daughter being asked to leave.

Club Organisation

1) Letters are given to children who request them in class/assembly regarding individual clubs. These will be posted in the letter section of the website for parent reference. We would recommend your child choose to participate in a club to ensure commitment and enjoyment.

2) Children to return slip showing interest in club.

3) A register is then compiled by the office. Please note that clubs will only go ahead if enough interest is generated, if a club has lots of interest a waiting list will be complied.

4) The school office will email parents to confirm their attendance.

5) The start and end date will be on the original letter and on the school website.

6) If for any reason clubs have to be cancelled this will be communicated via the ‘daily snippet’ in advance (24 hours). If a club has to be cancelled on the day due to staff sickness , weather or other emergencies then the school office will text. We ask for you to acknowledge this message by phone call or email (please ensure we have your correct contact information). If you are unable to collect your child please be assured they will be looked after in the school office.

7) If a child is not able to attend a club one evening it is the responsibility of the parent to let the teacher in charge know. A call will be made to children not in attendance once the register has been returned to the office.

8) Children are reminded that if for any reason they are unsure about clubs or collection they see staff in the school office so a call can be made home. There are posters on exits to remind children of this procedure and staff are always on playground duty at the end and beginning of day.

If anyone has questions about any of the clubs please see the school office.

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